12 foods that are surprisingly low in calories

  • Lots of foods are low in calories and delicious.
  • Dietitians shared with INSIDER which foods you should go for if you are trying to cut down on the calories.
  • These low-calorie foods will keep you full and satisfied.

Finding low-calorie foods that are filling can be somewhat challenging, as you may find yourself a bit hungry after munching on all those flavorless snack packs which claim to be under 100 calories or less.

However, selecting satiating foods that are low in calories (and are full of flavor) is more than possible, as expert dietitians suggest that there are plenty of foods available which will fill you up without going over your desired calorie amount. Of course, calories aren’t the sole indicator of a healthy food, but it can be a good place to start, and many low-calorie foods have other important benefits.

To bring these fulfilling foods to your radar, we asked some registered dietitians to break down all those low-calorie food options that will fill you up quick. Below are some of the food choices you’ll definitely want to write down next time you head for the fridge.

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