16 parents reveal the weirdest thing they've caught their child doing — and it proves kids are really bizarre

“Not a parent, but a teacher of mine in high school told the class this story about his daughter, whom I believe was maybe eight or nine at the time.

Without anyone really noticing, she spent a week or so keeping one of her arms squeezed to her side, never raising it above her head. Then one day in her P.E. class, she went to shoot a basketball, and a large-ish rock fell out from her under shirt. She freaked out, started crying, panicking over the state of the rock.

Turns out she believed the rock was a dragon egg, and she was ‘incubating’ it by holding it in her arm pit.

Considering her father spent staff meetings doodling pictures of spiders holding weapons in each of its arms, though (he proudly showed us his work in class one day), it wouldn’t surprise me if he gave her the idea.” – -pinkfrosting

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