9 people share their anniversary horror stories — and they'll make you cringe

“For our 10 year anniversary, we took a trip to the east coast … I made reservations at one of my favorite restaurants, followed by really good tickets to a play. I was stoked for such a special date night and had the plans set in stone for weeks. I had even gotten a special outfit cleaned.

My wife’s good friend from back home lives in said city. Beforehand, she asked if we could meet up with her friend for drinks so they could catch up … I said that it was fine, but that we did have plans and would have to be conscious about our time.

We met this friend for drinks at a bar, and things were going well. Then, they made plans to go to another bar [and another] …

The friend brings up moving to yet another bar, and I gently nudge my wife to let her know we should get going … She basically ignores me and we go to the next bar. Then, it becomes obvious that we’re going to miss dinner, and I’m fuming. We end up at yet another bar, and then it starts getting close to time to get to the show.

… Hours later, we’re heading back to the hotel. I’m really hurt and disappointed that she didn’t care about the evening I had planned.” — Redditor tiredsadfrustrated

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